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Own a Piece of the Growing Portfolio of Properties Acquired by Rich Uncles

The Rich Uncles team utilizes its decades of experience and seeks to make the best investment decisions with your money. Historically, Real Estate has Outperformed the Stock Market.  We collect rent from the properties we own and intend to pay you dividends quarterly.

How it Works

Corporate America Pays Us Rent, Which We Distribute to You

  • We buy single tenant, freestanding buildings.
  • Our tenants are typically recognizable creditworthy tenants.
  • Our tenants pay all property-related expenses – taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance – which form the basis for what are called “Triple Net” (NNN) leases.
  • We purchase properties with a 60% or more cash down payment.

Our Commitment to You

  • We have carefully crafted Rich Uncles’ investment strategy to reduce risk, while delivering a competitive investment return.
  • We focus on owning properties subject to long-term leases with creditworthy tenants which pay all property-related expenses.
  • We limit our own borrowing capacity to 40% of overall asset value.
  • We regard ourselves as trusted stewards of our investors’ hard-earned money, a humbling responsibility that we take very seriously.

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